Leopold FC660C Intro

31 Oct 2013

More and more co-workers of mine we getting mechanical keyboards, and I decided it was time to give ‘em a shot. I tried a Happy Hacking Pro 2, and liked the feel, and the reduced noise of the topre switched compared to the more standard MX switches. I ended up getting a Leopold FC660C. It’s only been a day, but I’m loving it. My one reservation is the lack of out-of-the-box Media Key support, which I absolutely depend on. I was wary of the different key remapping apps out there, but KeyRemap4MacBook got a promising recommendation from a good friend. I got a little lost in all the configurable options, but eventually found what I needed: KeyRemap4MacBook settings to enable commonly used Media Keys on a Leopold FC660C keyboard Now a quick Fn + F## and you’re controlling your Mac like you were used to.